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Chinese Trademark

Protect Your Trademarks from Infringement

  • Free search
  • One-to-one service
  • 98% success rate
  • 24-hour online

International Trademark

First to Register and Protect Brand from infringement

  • Cooperate with 100+ agents
  • Cover 200+ countries
  • 50,000+ trademarks were registered for 10,000+ enterprises
  • 10+ years of industrial experience

Copyright Registration

No Infringement or Piracy, 99% Success Rate

  • Effective for whole life
  • High cost performance
  • Short and easy process

Legal Consultancy

Protect Intellectual Property, Avoid Legal Risk

  • High-level Elite Lawyer Team
  • Professional IP Legal Services
  • Customized Personal Solutions

Why Us?

Global Service

Our service covers over 200 countries and regions; meanwhile, we cooperate with hundreds of agencies worldwide to help you build your international brand.

Professional Team

We have 10 years of industrial experience and a professional intellectual property team with top experts and elites.

Highly Efficient

Our process: apply in 24-hour; receive the pending number within 3 workdays; receive the acceptance notice in 3 months; get the examination result in 9 months; receive the trademark certificate in 11-13 months.

Comprehensive Service

We provide one-stop intellectual property service and our professional legal team will try their best to help you avoid any legal risk and loss of money and time therefrom.

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